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arrogant--my life is worth living because of something

much greater than me. While I have been richly blessed,

I am definitely not free of trouble, pain, or stress.

But I know through it all that life is still worth

living. Through this blog I hope to walk through

life with you... (and hopefully hone some book ideas.)

Thanks for joining in the journey!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Aggie Baseball Can Teach Us

So I really don't have much to share today. I guess my mind has officially entered summer mode.

I do want to send a big congratulations out to the Texas A&M Aggie men's baseball team for securing a spot in the College World Series. This weekend they will be joining seven other teams, including the University of Texas Longhorns, in Omaha. The way the brackets are set up it is conceivable that A&M and UT could play for the championship and show the rest of the NCAA what a real conference is. In that situation A&M will naturally win, but we'll be fine with the horns taking second.

I am really impressed by dialed in teams that know how to do what it takes to win. My hat is off to the Dallas Mavericks for beating LeBron James... oops, 'er I meant to say my hat is off to the Dallas Mavericks for winning the NBA finals... yeah, that was what I meant to say... People got behind the Mavs because for the most part they are a team comprised of players who value and support one another.

The Aggie baseball team is similar in that way. The Ags are known for being a team of guys that consistently make sacrifice plays to support the team. It isn't surprising in the least to see guys from the top of the Aggie lineup bunting to advance runners.

Successful teams are teams that prioritize team needs over individual desires. That is the way life should be lived. So I can show everyone how amazing I am at something but it will hurt my team, my family, my coworkers in the process? It isn't worth it. Superstars can win rings, but only teams can be real champions. Healthy teams are only as healthy as their individual members. Maybe we can learn a few things from watching those guys.

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